Our experienced consults will share their knowledge and assist course delegates properly understand the COBIT 5 framework, its strengths and its weaknesses. They will separate the theory from the practical, and use over 15 years experience with assisting clients to answer questions and enable attendees to get the most out of COBIT - be that for the purpose of better IT governance, performance management, capability improvement, value creation, LEAN IT, resource optimisation, risk management, control implementation or compliance.

The COBIT 5 Foundation, Implementation and Assessor courses and exams provide an entry level understanding of COBIT 5. The official COBIT 5 Foundation course establish a basic understanding and familiarity with the COBIT 5 terminology and concepts. The COBIT 5 Implementation course focuses on "change enablement" through programme management as described in the COBIT 5 "Implementation Guide".  

The COBIT 5 Assessor course, certification and accreditation programme focuses on ensuring that candidates understand the Assessment methods available to conduct a COBIT 5 capability assessment and correctly decide on the most appropriate assessment method to match the sponsor's needs.